Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who is Laura?

Well, im sure most of you doesn't know her very well and probably some of you doesn't even know her yet. Maybe you only know her with her first and lastname but you never know who the real Laura is, correct? Now let me tell you guys some basic information from Laura. "LOL"

So to begin with, Let me first introduce Laura to you. She was the second daughter out of seven angels of our parents. Elenor Laura was her real name. As far as I know half of that name was came from my mom and half of it was from my father. So meaning to say she's representing our parents names. Im wondering, maybe that was the reason why she absorbed some of the characteristics that our parents had. Having a big heart like my mom and being strict (sometimes) like my dad. Many of her friends saying that she is "Small but Terrible"! Personally, i can say that its true. "LOL" She's small in terms of her physical appearance, co'z to be honest she's just four feet and eleven inches. (Sorry sis for reavealing it, hehe peace). And why she's terrible? Ahhhmmm I can say that she is really terrible in many aspects. One of those are when she's doing something, she's working so fast, she's not waiting for tomorrow just to finished one thing and take note not just at home even in her work. And also she's terrible when she's getting angry with me, im so afraid.. LOL... i noticed that when she's still here in the Philippines, honestly i missed it.
Anyways continueing, as the youngest sister of Laura, did I know her very well already? Ahhhmmm i don't think so, (hehehe kidding!) As far as I know being her sister is an award. WOW!!! For me she's not only my sister but my mentor and my friend. Why? Cause aside from she's always at my side during the time i need her, she also know some of my secrets, i don't and i never ashamed to tell her. Many of her qualities that i really adore most, are like being a GOD fearer, kind and sweet. She always think our family and her husband first before anything else. She really like to help for everyones who need it. I remember those times she's still here in the Philippines, i slept beside her and before we sleep, we talk and talk and talk until we found out that both of us was sleeping. She buy and prepared my foods before. She want me to help her washing clothes and want me to be with her anywhere she wanted to go. Actually i missed those things. And now, she is happily married with this handsome guy named Thomas Stone and now leaving in very very far Canada. Well at first its really hard for us to live without the presence of her specially for me cause im the one with her a month before she leave and starts living with her hubby. I know that it is the time she been waiting for, and im very happy for her. And now, i hope and i pray that she and her husband are always fine. God Bless you both and We miss you alot...

About Myself

1.What's the connection between you and the last person you texted? My cousin (she said Good Morning to me... how sweet...

2.What is wrong with you right now? nothing

3.Do you ever miss your first love? Yes....LOL...Sometimes.. hehehe

4.When did you last cry? Last 3 weeks. When my friend/co-employee sharing the story of his life.

5.What do you hate? I hate vegetables!!!

6.What do you want in your life right now? I want to get certified in my job.

7.Are you happy? Yes

8.What are you listening to? many to mention... im a music addict

9.What do you smell like? hmmmm i dont know.. LOL

10.What time do you go to bed? 3 o'clock in the afternoon

11.Who was the last person in your bed besides you? lastnight? my sister Grace

12.What do you wear to bed? pajama

13.Do you tend to make relationships complicated? NO!!!

14.What did you do yesterday? I read pocketbook.

15.What was the last movie you went to? Charlottes Web

16.Is your shirt new? Nope

17.Do you live near your ex boyfriend/girlfriend? hmmm Yes, hehehe

18.Are you scared of bugs? No

19.How was your day today? Sleepy & hungry... hehehe

20.What do you think of Eminem? His good in terms of rapping.

21.Do you read? Yes i am

22.Do you sleep with a teddy bear? Nope

23.Do you like anyone right now? Yes, my boyfriend.. hehehe

25.Are you bored? Nope

26.What are you excited about? To get certified.. hehehe

27.Who was last person to cook for you? Ate Meds (my cousin)

28.Who was your last text message from? my cousin (April)

29.Who was the last person to make you cry? my friend (Jeff)

30.Name someone whose name starts with the letter P? Papa Oro... hehehe

31.Do you care what others think about you? If its good I care, but if not Who Cares...

32.Have you ever been in love? Yes

33.Do you trust people easily? Yes

34.Do you think you'll be married in 10 years? hmmm i dont know

35.Will you ever kiss the last person you kissed again? hmmm yes

36.What do you look forward to in the next 3 months? to stay long in the company im working

37.Who was the last person to call you? Ian (my boyfriend)

38.Do you plan on moving out within the next year? hopefully but i think not nextyear

39.What happened at 10:00 am today?- we went to church

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How hard to leave your friends?

It's been a month ago since i resigned from my prevoius job, that was in One Global Contact Center. I been there for almost 9 months gaining knowledge, experiences and most of all friends. Being in the call center industry was difficult and easy. Since its my first call center experience its really hard for me before, to know how the system flows. I did many trials for me to know it very well, i worked hard and then later on i find it easy as many old employee said. Well i prove they are correct. One thing i didn't forget in this company was gaining more and more friends. Creating friedships makes me strong not to leave and to stay with the company for the sake that i have a friends and i dont want to leave them. We did many trips, happenings, and many moments that now its only gathered in my memories. In that company i met different people, different stories of thier lives and later on i realize how lucky i am for not having stories like them. I learned how to handle friends moods, when they happy, angry or worst. I build friends and getting more close with my first team which is TEAM ALLAN... Why team Allan because the name of our Team Leader was Allan, all of us taking care of the team that is why our team got 3 consecutives months for being number 1. We did our best not to be in the second or third place. Now i know that TEAMWORK really works.. Lol... In every month that we are on the top, there are a lots of gatherings we have to attend just to celebrate that day. Well, ofcourse its time of happenings again. Changing of stories and jokes, and never ending laughs. As days goes by I realized that i have to be more practical. For being in the industry for almost 9 months there is a lot of questions that sinks in into my mind like,why i don't have any savings? did i helped my family when i am here? is this i what i want? Well i should think twice, and later on i plan to leave the company to have a good career path, but not leaving my friends cause i know that all of them was inside my heart.. keeping the friendship what we have from the start.. I miss u guys.. hope to see you soon..

Survey... Be Honest


1. Are you happy?? YES!!! I am..

2. Who are you chatting with rightnow?? None

3. What’s the last thing youbought?? Bag from Divisoria worth 200 pesos... LOL

4. Who were the last people you hungout with?? Friend & officemate "Shiela Mae" at Greenhills

5 . Have you ever broken a promise?? Yes, sometimes

6. Have you ever fallen apart with afriend?? Yes..

7.What are you most excited about?? to go to the beach & swim all day

8 . What do you usually do whenyou’re bored?? texting, updating my friedster & blog..

9 . Who was the last person to textyou?? My nephew, Onad.. just a minute ago

10 . Who was the last person who gaveyou a testimonial?? My classmate from college

11. Do you talk to yourself?? sometimes. sumtimes... LOL .. if i did something wrong..

12. What do you do when your heart is broken?? Eating chocolates

13. Are you a good friend?? Yes i am... Do u want to be my friend?

14. What is your hobby?? Texting, Watching Movies..

15. Are you artistic?? Nope

16. Do you wear contact lenses?? NO

17. What is your favorite food?? Pork Barbeque

18.Have you ever lost your phone?? NO

19. Who do you miss the most?? Mama, Papa & JL

20. Will you ever admit to your crushthat you like him/her?? NOPE.... why should i? hehehe

My Little jL

This cute little boy named John Lord, named after his parents. But we called him JL to be short and later on became his nickname. He is my nephew from my only brother. He is talkative, smart, and funny. He makes us laugh through his learnings. He was born last November 9, 2005 to be exact, that time we are all excited to hug & kiss him. But we have to be more careful cause he was so little and weak that time. I think he needs more calcium and energy from his mom. LOL..!!!

Days and months goes by we saw many changes from him, from the way he smile, move, and talk. Before he can only smile later on yell, LOL!! before he can only crawl and now RUN, before he can only said "mama" but now, he can say many2x words, eventhough the word "crocodile" he can able to say it straight. "Awesome"!!! That i know for a fact he is only 2 years old, so he makes me amazed. He can also identify different animals from small to big ones. Counting numbers from one to ten. And the rest play and play and play.!! hehehe
One thing i never forget from him was, he really like, adore, and love JOLLIBEE.. He told me before he wants fried chicken and frenchfries from the said fastfood. So from work, i bring home those foods. And i really happy cause i saw him eating in a happy way. What i mean is, he really likes what his doing. I dunno why most of the kids here in the Philippines loved Jollibee, i don't know also what characteristic does Jollibee has to inspire and to amazed kids. Well, i dont know the answer as far as JL's love him so much i think i do love him too now.. LOL...!! Another thing i remember from JL, he likes Blues Clues, Sponge Bob, Dora & most of all Barney. He really want to watch every episodes of that cartoons on TV. Eventhough i know he can't understand what does they saying. LOL..!! All he wants to sing and dance and do after what Barney's doing.
Well maybe i really miss now JL, cause i think its been 3 weeks since the last day i saw him, they moved from Cavite to Bicol to start a new life. So i really miss him a lot. But now im looking forward to see him again and praying that he and his family are always OK.



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8.What do you look like?

9. What do you drive?

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11. What is your favorite TV show?
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13. What are you doing today?14. What is your name?

15. What is your favorite Candy?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Ocean 11

Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head.

1. mama

2. papa

3. ian

4. te lar

5. te grace

6. kua totoy

7. te den

8. jL

9. te bing

10. cristine

11. te ineng

Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people.
This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first..
No cheating

Now, it's time to answer the following questions:

HOW DID YOU MEET #4? (te lar ) i meet her last oct 6 1987, when the day i was born... 1st i dont her name but my mom said she is your big sister.. hehehe

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITHOUT # 6? (kua totoy) nothing! co'z even his around i can do whatever i want...just kidding!!!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF #2 AND # 6 WERE GOING OUT? (papa & kua totoy) i'll go outside to have a date.. hehehehe

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF #5 CONFESSED HE/SHE LOVES YOU ? nothing! i know she loves me co'z she's my sister.. how about you? do you think your sister doesn't loves U? come on!

WHO'S #10'S BEST FRIEND? (cristine) ME cause she's my besfriend too..

HAVE YOU EVER EATEN AROUND #1? (mama) YES, as a matter or fact she's the one preparing my food before..

WHO IS #11 DATING? (te ineng) His husband, i think...

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF #3?(ian) I think that his too kind to his family...

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF #9? (te bing) I think she wants to stop producing kids.. hehehe

WHAT WOULD U DO IF #4 AND #7 WERE DATING? (te lar & te den) It wont be a problem, Cause I know they are sister, they are friends..

WHO DOES #2 LIKE? (papa) Ofcourse my MOM...

DO YOU LOVE #10?(cristine) Yes, I do... Cause she is my besfriend..

WOULD YOU MARRY #8? (jL) i won't, his my nephew, and he is still a baby...

EVER SLEPT IN THE SAME ROOM AS ANY OF THE NUMBERS? Yeah with my family and my besfriend..